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Amitosh Nagpal Ringtone Download


Sung A Chin

Amitosh Nagpal, born into a Punjabi family in Hisar, Haryana in 1984, boasts a plethora of achievements. Notably, he gained recognition as a lyricist for the film Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye, crafting the catchy rap “ABCD chahida mainu” and “Superchor,” earning him a nomination for a national award. Additionally, he penned the lyrics for the song “Jugni” and contributed memorable jingles to the advertising realm. His talent extends to dialogue writing, notably for the Hindi feature film ‘Hindi Medium.’ Amitosh’s multifaceted career spans directing and acting in plays, starring in television commercials, and portraying diverse roles in films such as Dabangg, Rangrezz, and the lighter-toned Besharam. Notably, he showcased his versatility in the television series Powder and films like Phillum City and Aarakshan.

One of his most celebrated endeavors was his portrayal and translation work in the play Piya Behrupiya, a Hindi musical adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. Amitosh’s depiction of Sebastian captivated audiences, earning critical acclaim nationally and internationally. The play achieved resounding success, particularly during its stint at The Globe to Globe Festival in London’s Globe theater, where it played to packed houses. Despite its adaptation, the play retained its originality, fitting seamlessly into the Nautanki style of performance. Reflecting on the experience, Amitosh remarked, “Performing on the same stage where William Shakespeare once stood was an unparalleled thrill—a joy every theater actor dreams of experiencing.”

Amitosh Nagpal Ringtone Download MP3

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