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Ajay Gogavale Ringtone Download


Sung A Chin

Ajay Gogavale, renowned for his work as one half of the illustrious music duo Ajay-Atul, has made significant contributions to the Indian music industry. Ajay-Atul, composed of brothers Ajay and Atul Gogavale, gained widespread recognition in 2008 when they won the Best Music Direction award at the 56th National Film Awards for their work on the Marathi film Jogwa. Their remarkable talent earned them a spot on the 2015 Forbes India Celebrity 100 List, debuting at position 82. Notably, they became the first Indian music directors to record at Sony Scoring Studios in Hollywood for the Marathi movie Sairat.

Ajay Gogavale Ringtone Download
Ajay Gogavale Ringtone Download

Ajay and Atul began their journey in the music world by creating commercial jingles, ballets, and advertisements before expanding into compositions for plays, private albums, and films. One of their notable works, Vishwavinayak, a spiritual album featuring Ganesha Symphonic Chants, topped international charts, further cementing their status as influential music composers.

Ajay Gogavale Ringtone Download MP3

Ajay Gogavale Ringtone Download MP3
Ajay Gogavale Ringtone Download MP3
Baby Bring It On (From “Madgaon Express”) Ringtone DownloadAjay-Atul, Ajay Gogavale, Nikhita GandhiBaby Bring It On (From “Madgaon Express”)03:36
Khel Mandala Ringtone DownloadAjay GogavaleNatarang04:47
Baharla Ha Madhumas Ringtone DownloadAjay Gogavale, Shreya Ghoshal, Ajay-AtulMaharashtra Shaheer03:43
Mauli Mauli Ringtone DownloadAjay GogavaleLai Bhari05:06
Saathiyaa Ringtone DownloadAjay Gogavale, Shreya GhoshalSingham05:12
Dhadak Title Track Ringtone DownloadAjay Gogavale, Shreya GhoshalDhadak (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)04:03
Kevadyacha Paan Tu Ringtone DownloadAjay Gogavale, Aarya AmbekarSarla Ek Koti (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)05:04
Dhuvun Taak Ringtone DownloadAjay GogavaleMauli03:34
Gondhal Ringtone DownloadShahir Sabale, Ajay GogavaleAga Bai Arechya05:45
Mazi Pandhari Chi Maay Ringtone DownloadAjay GogavaleMauli07:16
Gau Nako Kisna Ringtone DownloadAjay-Atul, Jayesh Khare, Mayur Sukale, Ajay GogavaleMaharashtra Shaheer05:04
Maai Bappa Vithala Ringtone DownloadAjay Gogavale, Atul GogavaleMaai Bappa Vithala07:31
Durge Durghat Bhari Ringtone DownloadAjay GogavaleAga Bai Arechya05:06
Kanha Ringtone DownloadAjay-Atul, Ajay GogavaleChandramukhi04:03
Zingaat Ringtone DownloadAjay Gogavale, Atul GogavaleBest Of Ajay Atul – Marathi03:46
Pehli Baar Ringtone DownloadAjay GogavaleDhadak (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)05:15
Ambabai Gondhalala Ye Ringtone DownloadAjay-Atul, Ajay GogavaleMaharashtra Shaheer05:38
Man Sudhha Tuza Ringtone DownloadAjay Gogavale, Priyanka Barve, Deepika Jog, DatarDouble Seat03:29
Vaat Disu De Ringtone DownloadAjay Gogavale, Yogita GodboleBest Of Ajay Atul – Marathi05:42
Paul Thakla Nahi Ringtone DownloadAjay-Atul, Ajay GogavaleMaharashtra Shaheer04:44
Malvat Ringtone DownloadAjay GogavaleSoyrik04:11
Kagal Gavcha Guna Ringtone DownloadAjay GogavaleNatarang00:59
Tuzya Priticha Vinchu Chawla Ringtone DownloadAjay GogavaleFandry (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)05:10
Malharvari Ringtone DownloadAjay Gogavale, Shahir SableMarathi Karaoke Hits05:41
Petla Gadi Ringtone DownloadAjay GogavaleNatarang00:59
Sairat Jhala Ji Ringtone DownloadChinmayi Sripada, Ajay GogavaleBest Of Ajay Atul – Marathi06:09
Jay Jay Maharashtra Majha Ringtone DownloadAjay-Atul, Ajay GogavaleMaharashtra Shaheer03:54
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