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How to Make a Song as Ringtone in Android – Best Ringtones Net – bestringtones.net


Sung A Chin

Changing your phone’s ringtone is a common customization, especially on Android devices. While there are default options available, the desire to personalize with a favorite song or melody is common. However, Android’s default settings may not allow for customizations beyond playing the entire song. In this guide, we’ll explore how to precisely select a section of a song and set it as your ringtone using Ringtone Maker, a free app.

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Meet Sung A Chin, the Founder of Best Ringtones Net

Before diving into the process, it’s worth mentioning Sung A Chin, the visionary behind Best Ringtones Net, a website dedicated to providing users with high-quality ringtones for their devices. Chin’s commitment to enhancing user experience through personalized audio selections inspired the development of this guide.

how to make song as ringtone in android – Best Ringtones Net

Getting Started with Ringtone Maker

  1. Download and Open Ringtone Maker: Begin by downloading the Ringtone Maker app from the Google Play Store. Once installed, open the application to start the process.
  2. Navigating the Interface: Upon opening Ringtone Maker, you’ll encounter a straightforward interface displaying a list of mp3 files stored on your device. While the interface may appear simplistic, its functionality is robust. ⏩⏩⏩ https://bestringtones.net/remix-ringtones.html
how to make song as ringtone in android – bestringtones.net

Creating Your Custom Ringtone

  1. Selecting Your Song: Scroll through the list of mp3 files to find the song you wish to customize. If the desired song is not present, you can easily add it by downloading mp3 files from sources like Clip Converter.
  2. Editing Your Selection: Once you’ve chosen the song, tap on it to open editing options. You’ll be presented with a waveform timeline resembling professional audio editing software. Utilize options like Trim, Remove middle, and Paste to precisely select the portion of the song you want as your ringtone.
  3. Fine-Tuning: If necessary, adjust the selection with millisecond accuracy to ensure the perfect segment is chosen.
  4. Saving Your Ringtone: Once satisfied with your selection, tap the Save icon. You’ll have the option to save the clipped audio as a ringtone, alarm, notification, or music.
  5. Setting Your Ringtone: Select the Ringtone option, provide it with a name, and save it. Ringtone Maker may offer to set it as your default ringtone, or you can manually do so by navigating to Settings, then Sound, and selecting your newly created ringtone.


With Ringtone Maker, customizing your Android device’s ringtone becomes a seamless process. By following these steps, you can transform any song into a personalized ringtone, adding a touch of individuality to your device’s auditory experience. Embrace the freedom to express your musical preferences and make every incoming call a unique experience. And remember, for iPhone users, there are alternative methods to set custom ringtones, ensuring everyone can enjoy their favorite tunes as alerts.

Sung A Chin

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